Alison Gianotto (Snipe)

Coming Soon

Felienne Hermans

How Do Kids Program in the Wild?

Gojko Adzic

Developing Chat-Bots Using AWS Lambda

Sylvan Clebsch

The Pony Programming Language

And more

3 more speakers coming soon!

Adrian Philipp

Utrecht Javascript Meetup

Experiences Building Apps With React Native

Bram Duvigneau


Testing For Accessibility: Don't Be A Showstopper

Jeroen van der Gulik

Symfony UG NL

How To Effectively Grow a Development Team

Laurens Duijvesteijn

Papers We Love

Distributed Disarray

Wim Zwijnenburg


Data, Drones and Death

The Venue

This year's DomCode is hosted at the Centraal Museum. From the grand Nicolaï Church to the modern Garden Hall, the Centraal Museum offers an inspiring and accessible environment.

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The Social

Thanks to our friends at JCID, you can join us after the conference for an evening with your fellow attendees, organizers and speakers. We'll turn the venue upside down with board games, video games and a unique "code as art" installation.

Please remember to bring your badge, as it's required to enter and claim your drink tokens.

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