Alison Gianotto (Snipe)

Security Bootcamp for Startups

In between worrying about MAU, ROI and hockey sticks, startups and new businesses need to worry about building software, defining company values and setting the groundwork for success down the line. Security (appsec, opsec, and everything in between) is often the last thing to be bolted onto a new business, which can lead to disaster for you and your users down the line. In this talk we’ll cover practical ways you can start making your startup more secure, starting today, from code to culture to ops and IT processes.


Alison is the Co-Founder and CTO of and the President/Founder of Grokability, Inc. She created the free, open-source IT asset management system Snipe-IT, and somehow managed to bootstrap a successful business out of it (hashtag #livingthedream). An active contributor to open source, she’s been a developer/sysadmin for twenty years, and we’re pretty sure if you cut her, she bleeds Red Bull.

Prior switching to open-source full-time, she was the CTO and Corporate Security Officer of an ad agency in New York City, where she worked with brands like Intel, Samsung, Panasonic, Sunkist, JP Morgan Chase, and others.

In a previous life, she wrote a few books on PHP and MySQL that would of course be completely irrelevant today. Yay, technology!

She speaks internationally on security topics and loves teaching teams how to shift mindsets on application and operational security.

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