Adrian Philipp

Experiences Building Apps With React Native

React Native is all about combining great user experience on native platforms with the developer experience of React on the web. Since it’s start 1.5 years ago, React Native continuously enjoys a tremendous traction. In 2015 React got popular, I believe 2017 will be the year of React Native. I followed the development since the start and now built several React Native apps. During my talk I like to introduce the library, show useful tooling and give practical advice for building React Native apps.

Representing Utrecht Javascript Meetup

Adrian was invited by the Utrecht Javascript Meetup, an awesome local group for JS lovebirds.


Adrian Philipp’s drive is to make technology easy to use and simple to develop. He wants to live in a world filled with insanely innovative technology, programmable weather for endless sunshine and MacBooks bundled with a fountain of third-wave coffee.

As a web developer with 14 years of experience he worked for companies all around the world, including Liip in Switzerland and now Enrise in Amersfoort. After gaining lots of experience with PHP and Javascript he dived deep into mobile app development with React Native.

When he is not challenging himself with learning new technologies and expanding his skill set, he likes to travel the world.

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