Graham Daniels

Here Be Dragons! What It's Really Like to Slay a Monolith

The prospect of transitioning from a legacy monolithic application towards a group of purpose built services sounds like a dream. In reality, it's most often an epic journey wrought with trials and tribulations.

In this talk you will learn how one of the fastest growing new media companies shifted from a half decade old Kohana application onto a platform comprised of micro services. We'll cover how to treat your APIs like first class citizens, the thought process behind architecting a stable publishing platform, and all of the lessons we learned along the way.


Graham is a Staff Engineer at Refinery29 in Manhattan, author of the CodeManifesto, creator of and US Lead for PHPWomen. He's a passionate engineer that enjoys solving problems, mentoring others and being involved in the community. He can usually be found on twitter talking about his kids, food, or code.

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