Welcome to Utrecht!

Dubbed the “most beautiful European canal city” and a “laidback alternative to Amsterdam”, known for its “quirks”, “picturesque streets and sleepy canals”, Utrecht is finally internationally recognized as “the hidden gem in Amsterdam’s shadow”. And we heartily agree! Utrecht is the fourth largest city and home to the second largest university in the Netherlands. It’s beautiful and unique, cozy as well as lively and innovative, with a strong historic character permeating its winding streets and characteristic canals.

Utrecht is easily accessible by public transport, due to its central location within the Netherlands: it forms the main hub of the national rail network and is also directly connected to the international ICE high speed rail network. From Amsterdam or Schiphol Airport, it’s only a quick 30 minute train ride for about €8. At arrival, Utrecht Central station extends into the shopping mall Hoog Catharijne, which leads you to the breathtaking historic city center strewn with architectural beauties such as the Dom Tower: our usergroup and conference’s namesake.

If you’re new to town, here’s some local attractions that we highly recommend you visit while here, including restaurants and cafés to eat and drink to your heart’s content. Enjoy your stay in Utrecht!


  1. Dom Tower

    At 112 meters, the Dom Tower is the tallest church tower in the Netherlands. Its distinctive figure is clearly visible from anywhere in the city and provides a magnificent view of the surrounding area. On a clear day, you can see Amsterdam and further. This does require a steep climb on narrow stairs to the very top. Feel up to this challenge? Accessible only by guided tour, open Tue-Sat from 10AM-5PM and Sun-Mon from 12-5PM, €9.

  2. Dom Church

    Before 1674, the Dom Church and Dom Tower were actually one: unfortunately, a tornado collapsed the connecting nave, forever separating the two. The Dom Church remains an impressive Gothic building with a beautiful cloister garden, providing a moment of peace and quiet in the otherwise bustling city. The Church and its garden can be visited free of admission Mon-Fri 11AM-4PM, Sat 10AM-3.30PM, Sun 12.30-4PM.

  3. Oudegracht (canals and wharf cellars)

    Like Amsterdam, Utrecht has its very own canal running through its midst. Unlike Amsterdam, the Oudegracht is characterized by the many picturesque cellars along the water (“werfkelders”), unique in the world. Most werfkelders are now homes to many restaurants and pubs. Take acanal tourto see the city from the waters and learn more about its colorful history.

Food Near The Conference

  1. Meneer Smakers
    Twijnstraat 62

    hip burgers incl. veg(eteri)an, average menu: €10

  2. Da Portare Via
    Twijnstraat 65

    Wood oven pizza, average menu: €15

  3. Speck
    Ledig Erf 10

    aged meat, grill and burgers, average menu: €20

  4. Eetcafe de Poort
    Tolsteegbarrière 2

    pub food, average menu: €15

  5. Yum Saap
    Twijnstraat 40

    Thai, average menu: €22

  6. Stael
    Twijnstraat 9

    Sandwiches, hot dogs and drinks, average menu: €10

  7. Stelios
    Ledig Erf 36

    Greek, average menu: €30

  8. De Heeren van Leeuw
    Twijnstraat 43

    French, average menu: €33

  9. Zies
    Twijnstraat 58

    Mediterranean, average menu: €35

  10. BROEI
    Oosterkade 24

    Vegetarian, average menu: €12.50

  11. Simple
    Lange Nieuwstraat 88

    International, menu changes monthly, average menu: €30

  12. Meneer Buscourr
    Lange Nieuwstraat 62

    French, average menu: €35

  13. 't Oude Pothuys
    Oudegracht 279

    International food in wharf cellar, average menu: €25

  14. De Thai
    Oudegracht 273

    Thai, average menu: €30

  15. Ouzeri To Steki
    Oudegracht 261

    Greek, average menu: €17

  16. Syr
    Lange Nieuwstraat 71

    Syrian, average menu: €25

  17. Saowapa
    Nicolaasstraat 1

    Take-away/sit&eat: Thai, average menu: €12

  18. Mr Sushi Express
    Twijnstraat 55

    Take-away: sushi, average menu: €10-20

  19. La Delizia
    Twijnstraat 13

    Take-away: Italian, average menu: €10

  20. Tutti Gusti
    Hamburgerstraat 18

    Take-away: authentic Italian food, average menu: €12


  1. Centraal Museum
    Agnietenstraat 1

    Museum (conference venue): culture, art, history

  2. Miffy Museum (Nijntje)
    Agnietenstraat 2

    Children's Museum: explore Miffy's miniature world

  3. University Museum Utrecht
    Lange Nieuwstraat 106

    Museum: science of old and modern times

  4. Sonnenborgh Observatory
    Zonnenburg 2

    Observatory: 16th century bastion and telescopes

  5. Museum Speelklok
    Steenweg 6

    Museum: self-playing musical instruments

  6. Spoorwegmuseum
    Maliebaanstation 16

    Museum: railways and trains through the ages

  7. Wolvenburg
    Wolvenplein 28

    Museum: former prison (1hr tour €4 on Sat Nov 5th 2 and 3PM, book:

  8. Waterlinie Museum Fort bij Vechten
    Marsdijk 2, Bunnik

    Museum: waterfront bastion

Food & Drinks

  1. Cafe Olivier
    Achter Clarenburg 6a

    Belgian special beers and pubfood, average menu: €30

  2. Stadskasteel Oudaen
    Oudegracht 99

    French in old city castle, average menu: €32

  3. De Muntkelder
    Oudegracht aan de Werf 112

    pancakes in wharf cellar, average menu: €20

  4. Beers and Barrels
    Oudegracht aan de Werf 125

    burger/steaks and beers in wharf cellar, average menu: €22

  5. Stairway
    Mariaplaats 11

    American steakhouse, average menu: €20

  6. Het Zuiden
    Mariastraat 4-6

    mediterranean fish and wine, average menu: €30

  7. Meat & More
    Mariastraat 8

    steakhouse, average menu: €30

  8. Vis en Meer
    Drieharingstraat 4

    fish and seafood, average menu: €29

  9. Firma Pickles
    Drieharingstraat 1-3

    hog dogs, average menu: €25

  10. Sweetie
    Predikherenstraat 21

    Chinese/Surinam, average menu: €20

  11. Sea Salt Saloon
    Wed 3

    fish and seafood bistro, average menu: €25

  12. Dim Sum Bar Pacifica
    St Jacobsstraat 323

    Chinese dim sum (think tapas), average menu: €15

  13. Opium
    Voorstraat 80

    Asian fusion, average menu: €31

  14. Zussen
    Korte Jansstraat 23

    international food and cocktails, average menu: €29

  15. LE:EN
    Heuveloord 140

    Asian, in old metalshop, average menu: €18

  16. Kafé België
    Oudegracht 196

    Cafe: Belgian special beers, average drink €4

  17. Behind Bars
    Hamburgerstraat 14

    Cocktailbar: high-end cocktails in relaxed setting, average drink €9

Quick Bites

  1. Mario
    Oudegracht 130-132

    Characteristic Italian sandwich (famous in Utrecht)

  2. Frietwinkel (dapp bio food)
    Vinkenburgstraat 10

    Biological fries

  3. Manneken Pis
    Vredenburg 154

    Fries with wide choice of sauces (3 locations)

  4. Manneken Pis
    Bakkerstraat 1

    Fries with wide choice of sauces (3 locations)

  5. Manneken Pis
    Steenweg 2

    Fries with wide choice of sauces (3 locations)

  6. Kimmade
    Mariastraat 2

    Vietnamese street food

  7. Bigoli
    Schoutenstraat 12

    Italian sandwiches

  8. Burger Bar
    Schoutenstraat 15



  1. KEEK
    Twijnstraat 23

    Sandwiches and sweet baked goods

  2. Sector 3
    Twijnstraat 7


  3. Vlaamsch Broodhuis
    Twijnstraat 34


  4. Hop & Stork
    Lijnmarkt 1

    Chocolates, icecream, lunch

  5. Carla's Conditorei
    Achter de Dom 6

    Swedish sandwiches and baked goods

  6. Broodnodig
    Mariaplaats 49

    Sandwiches and baked goods

  7. Bagels & Beans
    Mariaplaats 48

    Bagels and baked goods, coffee/tea and juice

  8. Yoghurt Barn
    Vinkenburgstraat 15

    Fresh yoghurt with various toppings and smoothies

  9. The Village
    Voorstraat 46

    Coffee and music

  10. De Ontdekking
    Voorstraat 110

    Sandwiches, soup and high-tea

  11. De Bakkerswinkel
    Wittevrouwenstraat 2

    Sandwiches, scones, baked goods

Shopping Food/Drinks

  1. Kazerij Stalenhoef
    Twijnstraat 67

    Store: cheese, wine, delicacies

  2. Simon Levelt
    Vismarkt 21

    Store: coffee, tea, chocolate

  3. Berts Bierhuis
    Biltstraat 46

    Store: wide range of international beers

  4. Vishandel Volendam
    Godebaldkwartier 80

    Store: fresh fish (inside Hoog Catharijne mall connected to Utrecht Central train station)

  5. Stach
    Twijnstraat 1

    Store: take-away sandwiches/meals, baked goods, drinks (3 locations)

  6. Stach
    Choorstraat 42

    Store: take-away sandwiches/meals, baked goods, drinks (3 locations)

  7. Stach
    Biltstraat 59

    Store: take-away sandwiches/meals, baked goods, drinks (3 locations)

  8. Jac Bostelaar
    Steenweg 21-23

    Store: UK/US imported goods

  9. Bond en Smolders
    Lijnmarkt 9

    Bakery: cakes, chocolates, bread

  10. Tamminga en Verweij
    Godebaldkwartier 10

    Bakery: cakes and chocolates (inside Hoog Catharijne mall connected to Utrecht Central train station)

Live Music

  1. Tivoli Vredenburg
    Vredenburgkade 11

    Rock, pop, jazz, classical

  2. ACU
    Voorstraat 71


  3. 't Oude Pothuys
    Oudegracht 279

    Jazz (also food & drinks)

  4. EKKO
    Bemuurde Weerd Westzijde 3


  5. De Helling
    Helling 7


Record Stores

  1. Swordfish & Friend
    Oudkerkhof 43


  2. Plato
    Voorstraat 35

    CD & Vinyl

  3. Plaatboef
    Oudegracht 306


Board Games

  1. Subcultures
    Oudegracht 183

    Boardgame store with escape room and LARP specialty

  2. NeverNeverLand
    Oudegracht 202

    Boardgame store

  3. Het Lab
    Oudegracht 207

    Boardgame store

  4. The Joker
    Oudegracht 230 A

    Boardgame store (incl. secondhand games)

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