Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is it called DomCode?

It's primarily a reference to Utrecht's signature landmark, the Dom Tower. It could also be read as misspelling of the Dutch "Domme Code", literally "Dumb Code". 😉

Will there be a call for papers (CFP)?

DomCode 2016 is a cross-language conference for web developers of all kinds. This makes a CFP very hard to manage for two main reasons:

  1. Lack of resources and broad expertise required to cover all the different technologies we want to cover, complicating fair judgement of talk abstracts;
  2. As a relatively new conference, insufficient reach to speakers from all these different technologies, possibly limiting the variety of topics submitted.
  3. Therefore we select our programme by invite-only, handpicking expert speakers to ensure that a wide range of groundbreaking topics is covered. We also include a community track, where local user groups select upcoming speakers to represent and share knowledge from their local community.

    Why does a ticket only cost €80?

    We want every developer to be able to join us at DomCode 2016 by lowering all barriers possible. Therefore we offer our high quality programme for low-cost tickets so anyone can afford to come. This low cost is possible because DomCode 2016 is a non-profit conference run by volunteers: ticket sales and sponsorships are used only to cover expenses for the conference.

    Is the conference accessible?

    Accessibility is a specific priority for DomCode 2016 to lower all barriers for attendance. We chose the Centraal Museum as our venue not only for its spacious halls and downtown location, but also wheelchair accessibility and support for the hard-of-hearing.

    The Nicolai Church (main hall and entrance) is fully ground floor, therefore wheelchair accessible. It is also equipped with an induction loop for hearing aids. The Garden Hall (secondary) is a modern building next to the Nicolai Church with wheelchair accessible restrooms and an elevator to the upper floor. Unfortunately, there is no hearing aid support here.

    We are currently looking into other ways to increase accessibility of our conference and will update this page once more is set in place.

    Will videos of the talks be made available?

    Definitely! Just like last year's edition, we will be recording all of the talks and release them online for free viewing. We aim to fully transcribe all DomCode conference videos (work in progress).

    Other questions

    Have another question we didn't cover? Email us at or ping us on @domcode, we'll be glad to help you out!

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