We want everyone to have a great time.

So these rules describe the tone you can expect at DomCode events

  1. Be excellent to each other.
  2. We absolutely don't allow discrimination or harassment on the basis of gender, race, sexual orientation, appearance, language, tabs vs spaces, database of choice or anything else, for that matter.
  3. Overly aggressive recruiting or marketing isn't allowed by anyone (even sponsors).
  4. We often serve alcohol but please be reasonable with it. If you aren't sure you can get home safely though, let us know and we'll be glad to help, no judgement.
  5. The general feel is "semi-professional-ish." Feel free to joke and have a good time but nothing dirty or off-color, please.

If you see or experience any issues at a DomCode event...

Please let us know and we'll take action right away. You can:

We also have dedicated Code of Conduct personnel you can reach out to at anytime.

If an issue is reported...

We reserve the right to take appropriate action, including (but not limited to) ejecting people from the conference without a refund.

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